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Lightbulb Relax dude, nobody is going to flame you for saying what you think.

Originally Posted by coaststarlight14 View Post
Thank you. Anyway, to cease further arguments, i will remove my earlier posts.
@ottergoose: i was not attempting to disown your honor, or put down anybody's photos, i merely come to to see photos of trains and to the forum to offer my opinion and (if any) my advice.
Why cease further arguments, that is what these "forums" are all about.

You have an opinion about a shot ok, but don't get freaked out when the person who took it all of a sudden materializes in the room like Harry Potter and responds accordingly.

That is what makes it fun.

Deleting your posts is the worst thing you could do, because it is a tacit admission that you were wrong and you lack the guts to defend your position.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion - you are no different.

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