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Joe, I don't know you, but I am very sorry to hear that this has happened to you.

I'm not going to say I know how you feel, because only you know that. But I have been in your situation many times over my working career, and I know it is aggravating, and it hurts that a company you've given so much to seemingly does not care.

I will tell you that EVERY time that it has happened to me, I ended up with a better career/opportunity than I had before. Every time.

From experience, one thing you need to do though, is immerse yourself, almost relentlessly, in a hobby, interest, or pastime when you are not looking at other opportunities. It will take the edge off your disappointment and keep your mind positively sharpened with a PMA (positive mental attitude).

Sorry for the long-windedness; I just hate to see people, even those I don't know, go through tough times that were not their choosing.

Hang in there, bud!

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