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With my routinely shot shortlines/regionals, I use past experience of their operating procedures. BUT, we all know that NOTHING is routine in railroading.

Class 1s, a main line is a main line. A train will be along shortly, with the exception of Class 1 branches. In that case, see above.

I do have some inside help in some of my short line/regionals (and a certain Class 1). That doesn't usually affect my technique though unless it is a rail removal train or a plow extra (that I'm never able to chase), or said Rail is on train crew that job.

Do I use a scanner? Yup, it's a radio that I programmed and disabled the transmit. Radios are cool For a Class 1s, it's no biggie except to try and snag an ID. For short lines/regionals and yards, I like to listen to crews kicking cars around over the air.

If I'm going to a new locale, I research online or by other means if possible.
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