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Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman View Post
Which type of railfan are you? The type that makes a hundred calls and checks the internet for the trains running in your area or, the type that just goes out and waits for whatever comes their way?
The 'informed' side of me checks the [usually wrong] Weather channel first and foremost.. If I get an all clear then I will consider an outing. I usually railfan only on Mondays, since shortlines are my thing, the chances of seeing a train in action are significantly higher on the first workday of the week. Class I's are boring as can be, IMO, the only exception are locals. They do make good 'target practice' for getting the exposures right with slide film.. Still do not have it down 100%.

I must have some kind of sixth sense for trains.. In the past 3 trips I have made, I stumbled upon rare movements and locomotive DIT movements.
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