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I like newegg also. I just bought
It seems to be a Western Digital drive. Based on some searching on the web for info, I am thinking it is a Europe-only product (IIRC, Amazon UK has it but not Amazon US) that newegg managed to get their hands on.

I'm happy with it except it sounds a bit noisy/scratchy. I wasn't sure so I checked with my neighbor IT-type and he said it was normal. Now, of course, I am more cognizant of similar noise/scratchiness coming out of my laptop. So I've stopped worrying about it.

Great for the price, 250GB for $80! I also make two DVD backups as well. stored off-site (desk at work).

I was tempted to spend just a bit more and get a network drive, 160GB, that I could attach to my base computer at home and access it from any networked computer (base, downstairs, laptop from work when I bring it home) but decided that was a bit fancy and all I really needed was storage.
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