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E, I don't know what you are getting at. My personal views:

1) it's a bridge shot, not a rail shot. But as a bridge shot, it has good and bad things. First, it is semi-abstract, beams and support structure, that's ok, I guess. The partially hidden lights are distracting to my eye, they seem like they were neither hidden intentionally nor seen the way they should be. The foreground, well, I'm not sure what that adds. The trains are incidental, but it's not a train shot. As an abstract, it doesn't work for me, and as a non-abstract, I would (humbly!) say it doesn't work at all. Maybe just not my cup of tea. What are you intending?

2) Verticals, orange light, a blob (the tractor). Not much there for me, not a shot I find interesting. Is is a study of monochrome orange and verticals? What is the intent of the composition?

3) The foreground item seems cut-off, incomplete. Given it faces up rather than toward the camera, it doesn't seem to participate in the shot yet it is the dominant element. It has no presence. It just looks like a bad shot, that happens to include some railcars. What is your compositional intention? (Do you really think it is hot or were you making a pun because that is a steam vent?)

Based on this limited sample, I do not understand your photography. And of course, as work for RP posting, it is not a match.
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