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Originally Posted by ASEA AEM7 View Post
This is a photo that I just uploaded. It got rejected because its "- Undersharpened (Soft)" Yeah...Right......

Here is the photo, along with the appeal that I posted. Im posting it here on the forums because I am unaware weather an actual person or computer is processing the appeals. In the event that it is a computer, than this is for everyone to see the "Foolishness" of the screeners.

The Photo:

The Appeal:

Photo has the same sharpness as the rest of these,
If my photo cant get in, then I dont see how any one elses could,

Even less quality than mine, and photo quality is poor-


If you take the time to take a gander at the photos that I have just provided in the links above, you will realize that my photo deserves the right to get in, and that is, if this appeal process isnt just reviewed by a computer and automaticly rejected other than by an actual human being taking the time to thouroghly look at them. Also, I would request that you allow other screeners to make a decision other than the same screener who rejected my photo.
None of this will probably happen but at least I tried.

Have a nice day!
(ahem) The road you are going down is very, very bumpy. Better get some good shock absorbers if you continue.

Looks soft to me. But whether it is or not, do not concern yourself with what others have submitted as a "fairness test": remember one thing; this is not your site.

Just take any constructive criticism you get and work to improve your own work.

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