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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
Then again, could it possibly be a combination of motion blur and softness? I know they do some pretty decent speeds along the NEC.
Recall, though, that an object traveling directly at the camera has a very low relative velocity when compared to an object traveling perpendicular to the camera's view, and an object far away has a much smaller relative velocity than a nearby object (applicable to tele vs. wide lenses). I rarely shoot faster than 1/640s when aiming directly at an oncoming train with a telephoto lens because I simply never observe motion blurring in my images at such distances, regardless of train speed. Of course, I also shoot out in the western mountains, where last time I checked we don't have electrified 125mph mainlines...

Anyway, Smart Alec, you've got a decent concept going there. Find some editing software, massage the image a bit, re-submit, get it accepted and show us some more.
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