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So it seems to know a train's ID, you have to really pay attention, or get lucky on the scanner. There's no definitive way to find out the ID. Ok that answers that question.

Originally Posted by 4kV
Someone didn't know what they are talking about in this case, apparantly. How they know months down the road? They probably guess.
-Guess, I assume. Why someone was compelled to insert the ID, not a week later, but weeks later? And it doesn't make sense on both of my photo's ID'd, that the origin, seems unlikely, considering both trains were heading West toward the yard, and the origins were west! According to the timetable of where the train headed in from, it wouldn't make sense that the train would travel a set of cars hundreds of miles to backtrack? I'm confused!

I'm not personaly concerned with having the ID to the photo, but when someone know's or thinks they know, I think I have the right to know as well. If I can't prove the ID, and the person isn't coming forth in the forum, I would rather remove that ID.
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