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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Bob, it is as if you read neither the rejection reason nor the thread here.

"maybe just not wanted" ??? those typically get poor aesthetic quality, not a specific rejection reason that, as Jim showed, is at issue, and is not just a "catchall"
Sorry I gave the impression that I did not read it. I have had the poor quality rejection(I have had them all??), so I realize that. I read the too loose comment. I take this as too much foreground of nothing, too much dead space in foreground, maybe that is not correct??

Anyway, I and did not see it in the the photo at all, so I reached my conclusion which may be totally incorrect since I cannot be in the screener's mind but I think the forum is some speculation(Do this, Do that, maybe this works? so I just gave mine.) This is not knocking the screener's, they have a lot of photos to look at and can't spend 5 minutes on each one.


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