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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
People use other focus points besides the center? I learned CPF from the beginning, and haven't strayed. I may look a little funny moving the camera around during shooting, but I only want myself to blame when the focus is screwed up. 6d is a rockstar with me driving the center focus .

Loyd L.
All i'm saying is that it's really nice to compose a shot on a tripod, wait for the object to hit that AF point and hit shoot, and have it reliably in focus.

ESPECIALLY on a crop frame body (like the 40d). My progression of digital camera bodies went from Digital Rebel XTi to 40d. When I got the 5d, and it was actually a step backwards in this regard, I blew a lot of shots learning (re-learning) to rely on just the CF AF spot. It was a regression in features to me, although I lives with it because image quality was so superior, and it was full frame.

I have indeed gone down the rabbit hole of looking for a new body and can get a used 6d for a little over a grand.

My options are 6d, 5d3, 1d4. With the 6d being the cheapest by a considerable margin...
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