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My first reaction to this:

Image © JT Photography
PhotoID: 702040
Photograph © JT Photography

is that the photo leaves me frustrated. The subject is really the Waffle House sign, not the train. The down-angle is too extreme and I can't see any detail in the side of the train. The purpose of including the train appears solely to meet the qualifications to appear on this site.

I've seen old photos of this Casey Jones look-alike engine, but would love to see what kind of condition it is in now and how well it is being maintained. This photo doesn't help much in that pursuit.

And yes, I think there is also some campaigning going on. This photographer appears to be shooting exclusively with a UAV. While his/her portfolio does include some interesting wide aerials, the majority are shot from angles and altitudes that are too extreme for my tastes. Others may like the "Look mom, I'm flying!" perspective. I find such photos.....good for hurricane damage assessment.

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