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Default 'Too dark' rejections

Just got some rejections (and some accepted ) that I would like some further information on.

One is a 20 year scanned print and the other is from a Canon D30, both were rejected for being too dark and both had already been rejected once but I had gone back to Photoshop and played with the levels to add some light. I screen the odd picture now and then for JetPhotos and edit my pictures to the same standard regardless whether they are for JetPhotos or RailPictures and these would not be too dark for JP-but I know that RP has different standards to JP in some respects and maybe this is another one. I also have a large number of old pictures that I would like to upload but I don't want to do so until I have this issue cleared up as almost all my rejections recently have been for 'too dark'. What can I do make these images acceptable? And if they are beyond salvaging what would have been required to make them acceptable?

Hopefully some advice from other forum members will prevent me making similar mistakes with the other shots I would like to upload.

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