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Originally Posted by E3429
While I'm sure the newer locomotives are more fuel efficient and all than the older ones, in my opinion they're all getting a little boring. Between the wide cab C44's on up, SD---Macs, and Amtrak's P40 Dust-Busters, if I was getting started in this hobby today, I doubt I'd stay with it very long.
Boring? Come see the Water Level Route around Utica, NY. Granted there are more than our fair share of CW44-6's and AC4400CW's and the like, it also can be enormously colorful. In the past week or so, I've seen Union Pacific, Canadian National, BNSF (Heritage II, Heritage I, and blue bonnet), Norfolk Southern, and several leased locomotives (HLCX, GCFX, CEFX). Cascade Green is relatively common, be it HLCX or BNSF. Several older CSX units have also made appearences, including GP38-2s, a GP40-2, B40-8, B30-7 (I'm told, didn't actully see this one), C36-7, and a B23-7R. Conrail blue is still around and former LMS Dash 8s. They add a touch of color, despite being CSX. And, CSX itself has two paint schemes that are pretty common. Stealth colors show up occasionally, too. Amtrak also runs eight trains a day, usually running P42s or P32AC-DMs depending on the train. The other day a P40 came through. It is also not all that uncommon for all three of Amtrak's locomotive paint schemes to show up on a given day.
With all this, I never know what is going to show up, and it keeps me going back out there. It is not boring in the least.
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