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Originally Posted by SD70MACMAN

I personally don't use external hard drives because I have 3 physical hard drives inside my computer and all 3 back up my photos. Either way, it is a good idea to back up your digital photos in more than one location.
I can't say that I think that is much better than just storing your pictures in one place (your computer hard drive). The advantages of a external drive is that the data is phyiscally deattached from your computer.

With your set up, sure the information is saved in three places, but if your computer is stolen, lost, damaged or infected with a virus all your photos are still gone. I can't really see the logic of having three internal hard drives but yet not one external hard drive, sounds like a waste of money to me. Maybe if you have a desktop computer it could make more sense, but for those with a notebook computer (like myself), in this sense extra internal hard drives sound like a waste.
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