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Default Re: Digital Photography

Originally Posted by mtrails
I feel like an idiot. I am still new to digital cameras, and I said I had a 50mp camera. It's a Gateway DC-T50, and I decided to verify it's MP with the owner's manual... it's only 5.25mp. No wonder I dislike the photo quality! I was told last year when I bought it, that it was the best digital camera on the market and this was the highest MP available. The pictues are pretty huge, upwards of 2560x1920 pixels. I usually have it set for 1280x960, which results in a file size up to 800kb. It is very hard to crop and reduce the photos into 800x600 resolution and not lose the photo content, and/or image quality.

This is a very interesting statement. You have not found an image you like yet?

Perhaps it is because you are shooting at that 1280x960 Ratio, If anything you should be shooting at the highest Mega-Pixels your camera offers.

Chris Kilroy (At least he did) & I have/had the same Sony F717 Cybershot Camera. I always shoot at the highest level, it may take a way from storage/or number of photos you can shoot but it really has a substancial impact on the quality of your photo.

Also what are you saving those Pictures as or uploading them as I must Ask? JPG ETC? I use TIFF Format now & convert as needed. If you edit a photo & save as a JPeg as I remember it you lose data little by little. (Refresher here please!)

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