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Originally Posted by milwman
Jim has it right as far as what RP may take. Some shots just don't get on, This just maybe one of them, We all have shots that don't get on, One thing is RP doesn't take in account is room for headers like TRAINS or RAILFAN above. So what makes a great shot on here isn't the end of what someone may need in a photo.
I think Richard's comment is less than helpful. Some shots "just don't get on," but a lot of shots don't get on because of flaws in things like composition (rather than, say, screener tastes). While all photography is to some extent a matter of taste, and certainly RP has its share of particular tastes, there are general principles that tend to hold true almost all of the time. In a few cases "the exception proves the rule." This photo is a nice photo, but it can be made a lot nicer if Jim's advice is followed.

I also don't see how it helps to point out that a particular composition layout is appropriate for photo going to a different sort of use, a magazine cover. If one learns good composition, then one can figure out how to alter a composition for specialized uses.
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