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I've never seen drops on the lens cause major issues, but then I'm pretty careful to keep the lens covered (or facing down) until I take the shot, so I rarely have much in the way of water on the lens. That said, I have had some internal lens fogging problems on nasty days with all-day rain. The result is much the same as what we see in your shot. When that happens, there is really nothing (that I know of) that you can really do to save the image.

Best bets.....

- Get a good rain coat for your camera and train yourself to don and doff it quickly.

- Use a lens with a big-ass hood on it. The "tulip" hoods aren't great in the rain.

- Keep your lens down or covered until just before you take the shot.

- This is one situation in which expensive glass makes the difference. I have had fogging issues on my "air-pumper" Nikkor 24-120 f/4G VR lens ($1,000), but have never had any problems of the sort with my Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8G ($1800 when I bought mine). The latter has a bigger hood, does not telescope when it zooms and has weather sealing. When it rains, it's my go-to lens.

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