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he;; yeah . also make sure that the Sun is shining on your back, so that you know that your Picture has a nice light shinning upon it .

I have some Examples:

NSR (= NS rezigers) Locomotive 1828 "apeldoorn" is pulling some kind of International train, through Diemen Zuid on 6 Februari 2005.

NSR Mat '64 2 Plan V standing on Diemen Zuid and is heading as "Stoptrein" to Utrecht Centraal Through Weesp and Hilversum on 6 Februari 2005.

Stichting Mat '54 Hondekop-vier Mat '54 "Hondekop" Trainset 766 is pulling NSM DE-1 "Blauwe Engel" Trainset 41 through Weesp onward to Amersfoort on 6 februari 2005.

Somethimes, pictures in the Dark are cool to! , Example:

Stichting Mat '54 Hondekop-vier Mat '54 "Hondekop" Trainset 766, coming from the Duivendrecht Viaduct, onward to Watergrafsmeer through Diemen, on 6 Februari 2005.

That's all... those are my "lesser" Pictures, if you have any comments; I'd like to hear them!

Stichting Mat '64
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