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Originally Posted by ottergoose View Post
We never set foot on RR property, and were getting our shots from the shoulder across fields or from the street at some rural grade crossings. Apparently the DSLRs and big antenna weren't enough to give us away as foamers.
That doesn't particularly matter - I know some of the railroads periodically lecture the crews on reporting people near the tracks, people using cameras or any other "suspicious activity". In an environment where RR officials like to play "gotcha!" with crews on rules violations, etc. some crews find it "safer" to just call in stuff that common sense would dictate that you ignore because you never know who's watching or what trouble it could get you into if you don't follow the rules, etc. I think it'd be amusing if they followed some of those directives to the letter just to make it obvious how stupid they are - like every train reporting every foamer sighted in Fostoria for example. One day of that and the officals would probably be like "Ok, Ok, enough already, cut it out!" It'd probably bog down radio com enough to slow down everything through town that day.

One of the more amusing 'incidents' along these lines was when a certain Ohio non-class 1 called a couple of us in and didn't know how in the world to describe my car (Silver Subaru Baja) ultimately calling it a "Grey truck-thing" and also mis-reporting the color of our cloths - no plate numbers since we were perpendicular to the tracks. On top of that, we left that spot (laughing) right after that to chase the train, so good luck finding us! Kind of like random encounters with cops or security - it goes with the territory and generally doesn't result in any problems if you're not doing anything wrong.

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