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We got called in once by a CSX crew. 2 sheriff cruisers showed up, we weren't on RR property so he proceeded to tell us how dangerous it was near RR tracks. Afterward he asked where we worked and we told him "For the railroad." The defeted look on his face was classic. "I guess I just wasted that lecture, didn't I?" They left and just told us to be careful.

Another time I was called in by a lady doing yard work who said I was sitting on the tracks drinking beer. Cops showed up, saw I was drinking a Pepsi in my truck, rolled his eyes and went to tell her I wasn't doing anything illegal. Again, wasn't told to leave.

Most bizarre was being followed from one town to another by an overzealous limo driver who tried to tell us we were shooting in a sensative area and said he'd notified 3 police departments of what we were doing. We'd been shooting near the site of a closed and flattened steel mill and not on thier property. I'm sure his vigilance saved lives-or at least that's what he believed. We never saw or heard from any law enforcement on that one.

Reminded me of something I saw on WW2, where they said the problem wasn't as much the Gestapo coming after you as it was the people turning each other in right and left. Funny how little that's changed.
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