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Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post
Anywhos, me, for example, I only go out on Sunny days
Daniel, you really need to read Ben Bachman's piece in the October Trains. Perfect sunlight is absolutely not a prerequisite for capturing alluring photos:

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Originally Posted by crazytiger View Post
In a few words, ATCS is a very informative, but very hard-to-learn way to follow trains. I once saw where a kid had thrown a computer monitor at a train and someone joked it was another ATCS newbie. Anyhow, first find out if there even is ATCS in your area before you go to the pain of joining the Yahoo group (the wait is forever) and what not. I didn't and found out after a bunch of time already into it that there was no ATCS on my home line.
ATCSMon is difficult only if one doesn't take the time to figure it out; if you just try to jump in and do stuff, you're going to run into a wall. The program isn't intended to be user-friendly; it's designed to be functional, and it is assumed that users possess a certain level of competence in computer skills. Apply to join the group, fill out the questionnaire, wait for the application to be approved (Peter, it's one guy who has a life handling the administrative tasks, and oh by the way, he's also authored an incredible piece of software that is distributed for free for our enjoyment -- give him a break), and then read through the Wiki in detail at the link provided -- everything a new user needs to know is explained there.
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