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signal bridge: I don't think it has merit outside the RR context, not a strong composition to me.

crossing gate: maybe. Looks a bit top heavy to me. Subject matter, a light fixture, may not move a judge. Does have bold color and lines.

caboose: not a fan, has a going-away feel (that the judges may not notice, of course) and the obstruction on the left does not work for me

amtrak: light is too bright/harsh for me, not a dark enough night for me

flower: tonality is not broad, not many darks in particular, and flower does not look especially sharp (although it may be the flower surface having little detail or grain/lines). Standard art subject, not done that well, doesn't have impact. Might work if the judges are into soft color.

moon: could work, nice abstract-y composition. I wish the moon were larger, and maybe make the sky a wee bit darker

fireworks: superb! Boats in the water with lights and color on the water surface make this a step or two above most fireworks shots.

Hard to say what any particular judge or judges go for, and it would be good to know what has worked in this contest in the past. The fireworks, I like, not really ARTSY but artsy enough and well done. The moon, has more of the ARTSY feel in its abstraction but I feel this rendition could be improved (say, use a longer telephoto, catch the moon a bit lower in the sky, same basic composition then but the moon a bit bigger, a bit stronger presence). Flower, more of a standard shot, dime a dozen for such contests, I suspect (can't say I am working off a broad range of experience, just my impression), and again, this rendition could be improved, unless you favor the soft mix of colors and nothing stronger. The rest, no.

Just noticed, you say it is a "pretty small contest". Tough to make that call. The smaller, in general the less artsy, is my suspicion. Also, where advertised? For example, a newspaper contest is not so much artsy as interesting/unusual snapshots with a bit of flair.

Fireworks. I have convinced myself. Et tu?
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