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Cool PEQ is PEQ

I know a couple fairly well known railfan photogs who also take "glamour" pix and sometimes mix trains with beautiful women. Some of their work is really well done. The women are really good looking, and the compositions artful. In comparison, the pix being discussed here are totally mediocre. The picture of "Jennifer" with the NKP unit is a bit funny because it was clearly done tongue in cheek, but the first one is just bad. I don't necessarily buy the implications that the folks involved are creepy, but there is a difference between human interest and PEQ, and PEQ is PEQ. Those pix are PEQ. Just another example of bad judgement by the screeners. And I'm old enough to remember the Freeman Hubbard and Virgil Staff stuff....also pretty bad. Some folks simply have some pretty weird tastes.
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