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Hi, impressed you tried that with your camera and submitted, I rate it as an almost. Shooting into the headlights in low light and rain is tricky, most I see either have some blown out headlights or are very underexposed to contain the problem(creative).

Moving forward, my thought is you want to be a little further off the track and shoot later when the train lights not so direct, when the headlights are not focused directly into your sensor but aimed past you and underexpose slightly, in your case ISO 200 instead of 500.

Or - underexpose the heck out of it and hope it will be accepted as creative(I see a good amount of those), just not sure when it becomes creative. or try to bring up the shadows in processing but probably will not work well with your camera and requires good software.

Anyway, I think this a good first try on something not so easy and fairly rare here.

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