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How about instead of giving the screeners your crap and taking que spots and being in front of actually worothy shots, you should look around the site at pictures from photographers that HAVE EXPERIENCE! RP does not only accept professional photos, they dont judge on the photographer, it is the QUALITY of the photos. If you are a beginner "of the top", you cant expect to have beautiful panning shots and silhouette's. YOU HAVE TO LEARN ALL OF THAT FIRST, AND TEST IT OUT!!!! Look at you, you act like its the screeners fault you have a bad shot. Well, its not. ITS YOUR FAULT! The screeners are just here to make sure GOOD shots get in. Not just pro shots. They cant take all the photo's. Some suck, some are actually worth the time to look at. Think like this. Would you rather look at a bunch of horrible shots, all crappy and everything, not worth a snot OR a few good ones, that you can tell the photographer put TIME into practicing to get it, and took the time to set up, and is actually worth time to look at? Id take the second choice.
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