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It would have been fun to have this group at the crossing that day...

"Cokato MN" was a weird one for lighting; everything was white from snow and reflection, but it was late afternoon about 30 minutes before sundown. Pointed to the west all the photos I took were too dark (btw - I never submitted this one). Pointed to the east they came out like the tank car pic. It's the best photo out of 4 or 5 that I took at that crossing. I personally don't see overexposure, because it's exactly how the light was that day - and typically my Olympus C4040 defaults to a darker picture. I liked the shot then, and still like it now. Maybe it's because I had an enjoyable day and the shot is a nice reminder...who knows. It's okay if I'm the only one who likes the photo. At least I got someone to view it by posting it here .

Originally Posted by a231pacific
There seem to be two basic types of posters on the forums. The sore loser who complains that his shot has been rejected and the person who genuinely wants to improve. Wet Rails could benefit from posting his work for comment and then paying attention to the comments. Post shots like that on the forums, listen and improve or go away and sulk. It's your choice.
Interesting perspective. Glad to see you posted constructive comments on other strings looking for rejection help. Maybe some of that can come my way on the links towards the bottom of this post. Be decent though...not sure how much longer I'll be a sore loser

Originally Posted by JimThias
...and should have never been submitted in the first place.
I disagree. How is a guy to discover what works if he doesn't try?

I like taking train photos, even if I'm not a pro. And with 30 years behind a camera of some kind you could probably bet my skill level will make me a perpetual amateur. That's what I meant about "creative wall." Some folks have it and some folks don't. Does it mean I give up and go home because I can't compose a shot to a subjective standard that eludes me? No, it means I keep taking the shots I like and doing the best I know how to do, because to me they represent more than a photo. Often they represent a day out with my oldest son searching for trains and enjoying his company. I'm okay with being a joe-schmoe's too short to get wrapped up in one pursuit.

Originally Posted by JimThias
I don't mean to sound harsh, but you've really got to check yourself when submitting shots here, and exercise a high level of self-control and quality control.
The thing that boggles my mind is that a person can put hours of thought, planning, and editing into a digital photo and still get a response like this quote, which assumes that the shooter picked up a 27-shot disposable and tried to create art. I think we can all safely say that the intent of each photog here is to take the best photo they know how to take, and to use what skill they have to sort out good from bad. Screeners do the rest. Some of you snap/submit photos with more success than thankful for your gift. I suspect there are a number of people out there who have a point-n-shoot eye for photography - like myself - who will never have the strengths of other posters on railpics. You need us; we make you look good. Someone else also said, "If you can't tell why these two were rejected, you do not have an eye for shots, in my view." Interesting comment, but that's sort of like saying, "If I have to explain it, you'll never understand." I've seen forum tips that are more constructive.

I've trolled the forums since late `05 to get tips. Good stuff. From your comments it's clear they didn't help me much, but I will continue to troll. Some of you have asked to see other examples of photos that were rejected. If you're interested, here are some more:

Rejected for being too dark:

Don't recall what this was rejected for in 2004:


Constructive comments are always welcome. Thanks.
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