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Originally Posted by WetRailsWA
It would have been fun to have this group at the crossing that day...

"Cokato MN" was a weird one for lighting; everything was white from snow and reflection, but it was late afternoon about 30 minutes before sundown. Pointed to the east they came out like the tank car pic. It's the best photo out of 4 or 5 that I took at that crossing. I personally don't see overexposure, because it's exactly how the light was that day - and typically my Olympus C4040 defaults to a darker picture. I liked the shot then, and still like it now.
I never said it wasn't a good composition, it's simply overexposed. You took a longer exposure to get the motion blur, but that resulted in a blown sky, blown signal pole and blown out snow...all overexposed. A neutral density filter would have come in handy for that shot, allowing you that same shutter speed, but not allowing the bright subjects in the picture to get blown out.

By no means was I trying to sound like I was being critical of your photographic "eye" or your skills, I was simply pointing out that the picture was way overexposed and probably should never have been submitted in the first place due to that fact alone because it was bound to be rejected (trust me, I'm pretty sure the screener's eyes are much more picky than mine).

Maybe it's because I had an enjoyable day and the shot is a nice reminder...who knows. It's okay if I'm the only one who likes the photo. At least I got someone to view it by posting it here .
I can completely appreciate that sentiment.

The thing that boggles my mind is that a person can put hours of thought, planning, and editing into a digital photo and still get a response like this quote, which assumes that the shooter picked up a 27-shot disposable and tried to create art.
Again, I didn't entend to make it sound like I was criticizing your photographic skills. I'm sure your knowledge in photography far exceeds mine, as I've only been using a DSLR for over a year. I've always had the "eye" for it, just never took the time to learn and fully understand the way I do now.

Maybe your eyes were tired the day you submitted that shot and it just didn't look overexposed to you...or perhaps your monitor is darker than mine. When I saw the picture the first time, it just screamed "overexposure" from all the blown whites. I get plenty of those myself, and I've learned to be overly critical of things like that, so perhaps my original comments to you WERE too harsh.

I'm sorry if I offended you in any way...that was not my intention.

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