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Default Well, that's what I get for trying to submit some more creative stuff...

Well, didn't expect that. First two are just two more of the dozen or so workable images I got on a trip to Washington state about three months ago.

Oil train, I thought had some merit due to the angle and the executive MAC trailing.

Out the rear window of the Empire Builder, thought it would work because of the unique angle, despite the lighting being meh.

The other two were from May, when I went to see 4014 returning east from Ogden.

The 4014 shot, I figured, despite the dark nose, that the station and snowy mountains and unobstructed shot of 4014 in Ogden would be good enough.

And the freight in front of the stone wall, I thought was composed well.

Yet, I guess I thought wrong about all four of them. The BNSF ones I can kinda understand, but... the UP ones, I thought had better merit to them.
Believe it or not, I do try.
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