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Smile My very exciting day of railfanning

I've gotten a reverser before (on September 5th, my dad's birthday). Me and my family were out railfanning, and we saw a stopped BNSF train. A patched SP SD40T-2 Tunnel Motor was second engine. When I got out of the car to take some photos, the engineer waved us over. My dad and I walked over to the cab and the engineer's words were "Do you want to get a pic inside?". Right there, that made my day. I walked up the stairs of the BNSF Dash 9, opened the door and walked into the cab. It was really nice with the AC on. The engineer let us explore the cab of the SP! We got to blow the horn on both of the engines. The train was waiting for a green signal, which wouldn't come for about another five hours (probably even longer). The Transcon was really backed up that day. There was a derailment about 30 miles from where I was in the engine. Westbounds were backed up all the way to Joliet and eastbounds were backed up all the way to Galesburg. The engineer then gave us the reverser. It was very nice of him. We then went outside and chatted with the conductor for a while. When we were leaving, his final words were "You guys be careful around trains". You couldn't ask for better words from him. It was a very exciting day and a whole lot of fun!
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