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Originally Posted by coaststarlight14 View Post
i was actually really annoyed that such an image got on i feel like anyone could accomplish that sort of photo and the people are no encouragement to contributors.

if there were no people it would be rejected for "object too far away" and the photo with just people would be just way too insanely stupid to think about adding to the database.

i can handle an occasional shadow or guy by a tripod picture but this should have been rejected for inappropriate material, non-railroad related material, or cloudy day shot.

just my -.0000002 cents
I've followed the progress of this thread since I posted my comment earlier, and come to the conclusion that I need to cease with my attempts at humor . . .

I chose Nick's photo precisely because it is the kind of picture that incorporates people into the scene in an appropriate way, while also significantly increasing the interest in the photo. The picture would be just as worthy of acceptance in Nick had been the only person in the canoe, but the fact that there were two others there who happened to be attractive women should not be thought to detract from the photo. It is a successful composition.

My point, which I suppose I needed to make more bluntly, was that if you are going to include people in your shot, you have to give more consideration as to how they appear and what effect they will have on the overall composition.

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