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Default Nice shot just needs some TLC

1st shot: See rest of my post.
2nd shot: Because of the lens you were using the sides of the photo became distorted which is were the blurry reject came from. When I shot this (se below) I was using a .45X wide angle lens and got the same effect (see the corners of the photo).

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Photograph © Andrew Blaszczyk (2)

Originally Posted by hoydie17
I don't think an appeal is going to do much for you here.
I agree there is nothing you can say in an appeal to get them in.

Your best bet is to go back and try that shot again when the sun is at a better angle.
The sun is at a perfectly fine angle for this shot, but, because it is more from the side (there is light on the nose!) the shot became underexposed. Only the right side of the nose of the lead unit is dark. I don't feel like this is an issue here because it is not a "head-on" shot. The scenery in your photo definitely makes up for the little tiny bit of dark nose visible. I would try to lighten the entire photo which is a tad on the dark side and resubmit saying what you did.

Originally Posted by Ween
In general, the lighting looks decent, but the noses of the lead units are somewhat shaded...
Only half the nose is lit, but its allowed because this isn't a head on angle of the engines. Your angle is more of a side angle rather than a 3/4 angle or nose shot. The dirt on the left side of the front makes it seem shadowed while it is in light which can be taken care of by lightening it and increasing contrast.

Originally Posted by ccaranna
The second one is blurry and the train isn't centered in the frame for my taste.
Putting the subject (train in this case) in the center, whether its meant horizontally or vertically, is frowned upon because it makes the photo less interesting and nothing "stands out". The only time putting it in the center is "acceptable" is when taking a roster shot.

My advice is to re-crop and lighten the first photo and put in the "comments to screener" section what you did. I think its too still early to let it slide.Good luck. Hope this helped!
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