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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
To the best of my knowledge, all 4 shots have the same color profile.
I opened up the RP versions of the two shots in question (the two that appear in your four-shot set) and looked at the EXIF info. They do not have the same color profile.

Not sure what you mean when you say "the problem shot on the right" as all four shots are simply a collage combined into one single image.
The four shots are two pairs. In the set of shots, the right pair is a wedgie and highway and the left pair is a wedgie and house. I found those two shots on RP and looked at their EXIFs.

Trying to figure out two things here - why/ how can it be that one image would show with a blue sky on my computer monitor, my laptop and my cell phone yet another shows with a blue sky on my monitor, laptop BUT NOT my cell phone, where the Southern (linked) shot somehow shows with a purple sky and a cooler temp.
One possibility is that both computer/monitor and phone can handle the sRGB color space in the left image but only the computer/monitor can handle (translate may be the right term) the "uncalibrated" color space specification in the right image.
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