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Thanks for the post, Mike. Yes, there was some discussion of what you mentioned.

Obviously RJC is not going to pay to undo an atrocity that was not their responsibility.

In their lease of the line from Conway to Myrtle Beach, it was stated that the County had to put the Waccamaw River Drawbridge into operating condition.

RJC signed two leases on the C-MB track: one to the waterway, and one on the beach side of the waterway, which was contingent on the signing of the first lease, and it was stated in the lease agreement that the bascule bridge was not included in their lease of the track.

I'm sure that RJC would have served 84 Lumber if not for the horrible thing that happened to the drawbridge.

The county can put the drawbridge back into working order, but the estimates to do so are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And, obviously, if the bridge is repaired, it would need good security both during and after the repairs, and would RJC find the revenues from 84 Lumber and any possible new customers, worth the cost to them of the security?
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