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Default The World Is A Safer Place Today

Yesterday I was confronted by a single MTA police officer at New Rochelle station. He told me very calmly that he will arrest me for trespassing if he sees me photographing trains one more time. He reminded me I'd been warned several times now. In fact he knew about the last confrontation by New Rochelle Police last Wednesday, even though he wasn't there, and even though it was a different agency than his. In other words, he knew of me before we met, which means the agencies are exchanging information about me.

So I will stop. I don't want to mount a protest. I'm just a guy. I just wanted to do my thing. I sure don't want to get arrested. They're not going to let me do my thing, even though they know my interest in trains is completely benign.

I took 62 photos yesterday. I will submit the best ones once I am done editing them. I think a few of yesterday's photos might pass muster. And that will be that.

I guess New York City is a safer place today, now that nobody has to worry about me taking pictures of trains.

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