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Too bad you have to stop completely.

It is a bit more tolerated here in the Twin Cities. Last month I was "warned to stay clear of the tracks."

As I waited for an H-CSXPAS train, north of Northtown, I had a camera on a tripod and one hanging from my neck. I saw a Special Agent drive down the service road and thought this was my invite to leave. But to my surprise, he was going to drive past me. I said Hi, he waved and then I alerted him to the fact that one of his headlights was out. He stopped and corrected a loose wire problem and prepared to continue on his way. I took this opportunity to inquire about the CSX consist I had seen at an un-photographable spot. He pulled out his daily schedule and told me if it hadn't been by yet, it should be soon (it was an hour late). I thanked him and he left.
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