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And so the debate continues.

I suppose it would do no good for me to rant, and that's not me anyway. I am a very peaceful person, and as you know I have moved my gear more then once at the request of law enforcement with out so much as a word (to them) on how silly it was.

I know how much I enjoy the art/hobby, and I really feel for you. I understand all the song and dance of security measures. I have utmost respect for our armed servicemen here and abroad.

No offense Dave, but I have seen your website. You look about as threatening as.....well, you don't let's say.

Hope you find a new place to hang out. If not come down to PA and catch some frieght trains with me. I am a big electric (Amtrak) fan, but I enjoy some good frieghts. Harrisburg is awesome for that.

Best regards, Dave.

Nate Murry, KG3X

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