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Yes, Nate, I am a fearsome-looking man. People tell me I resemble a hostile, lobotomized Telly Savalas. It's awfully lonely for me. Old ladies cross the street when I am out walking. Police officers rest a hand on their night sticks when I come near. Shopkeepers jump to my attention just to get me out of their stores as quickly as possible, because I frighten the other customers. Sometimes they don't even charge me for my purchases. "Just take the milk and orange juice! No charge! But please leave!" Their politeness is so obviously insincere it breaks it my heart. I sometimes see myself as sort of a Frankenstein railfan monster. That's why I bought a tuxedo recently and began practicing a tap-dance act to the tune "The Orangeblossom Special." You know, to improve public perception of me. I figure I'll do my act at the Harvest Fair in October. Then the townspeople will see I'm really just a gentle soul who just likes trains and means no harm to anyone.

Maybe I will come to Harrisburg!

Click Here to view my photos at RailPictures.Net!
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