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Originally Posted by AEM7NATE
Well, we should mention that worse things could happen, and life really is not that bad. We could be much worse off in alot of ways. We are a truely blessed people and country.
How right you are. We live in the greatest country in the world.

That being said, it is a shame what is happening to our hobby. A section of history may remain undocumented in the name of "security".
It's also a shame that a lot of people fail to realize that railfans are some of the best FREE security a railroad has.

I just wish some, (not all), of those in authority would recognize the lack of logic in bothering folks that clearly are no threat.
The few times I've actually been questioned by police, nobody has asked me to leave. In two instances the cops pulled up and then asked what I was doing. After I told them what and why, they left seeing that I posed no threat to local or national security. Another instance, I was actually called in by a local resident for "taking pictures" like it was some crime or something. The sheriff showed up, wanted to know what I was doing, and after ten minutes was finally satisfied that I didn't pose a threat. He asked, "Why are you taking pictures of trains? Is it for a school project?" to which I replied, "No sir, this is for my own personal whim. It's a hobby." He left shortly afterwards.

See Dave's website for a pic of Dave ..
What's the address? Surely Dave doesn't look like a threat to national securty...well, that is unless he's taking his train photos with a turban on his head.
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