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Default Today's Experiences

Thanks for all the support! It takes a strong demeanor to look at me. Some people have nightmares for weeks and months afterwards. But if you feel you've got the right stuff, here's a picture of me:

Today I went to Manhattan. I arrived at New Rochelle Station about 15 minutes before train time. It just so happened that there were five empty MoW tie cars on Track One, which is the northbound express track. There were also five uniformed police officers from New Rochelle and Metro-North police departments, plus a bomb-sniffing attack dog watching over the passengers and the platforms.

Before I pulled out my camera, I figured it would be best to let them know I had a permit. I went up to two of them and introduced myself. I offered to show them my permit. They just waved me off. One of them said, "I didn't know it was illegal to take a picture of a train!" Neither wanted to see my permit!

I gotta say that remark made me wonder! I was searched, questioned, and told to move on seven times for taking pictures before I got my permit!

About a minute later, Metro-North EMD GP-35 #106 came around the bend into the station. It had come to pick up the empty tie cars and clear the line before rush hour began.

Well, I've been hanging around the tracks a lot since June, and I've never seen #106. I don't see any of M-N's MoW locos very often. Naturally, I hurried off to snap a few pics. (The pics I took are in the queue now!)

I could tell the policemen were amused by me. I must have seemed like an overgrown kid to them, I thought. I mean, I pretty much ran down the platform to get a shot on the sunny side of the locomotive. After I got a few good shots, I walked back up the platform to retrieve my daypack, which I'd simply abandoned right at two officer's feet - a big no-no these days! Everyone is on the lookout for unattended parcels.

I think the two officers became a little more curious about me at that point. One of them said, "let me see that permit. I want to see that permit." I fished it out of my pack. He told me he'd never seen a photo permit.

The other officer asked me how I knew #106 was coming. I told him the truth: I didn't! It was just luck. Then he asked me what was so great about the locomotive, and why I wanted to a picture of it. I told him all I usually see on the line are the same electric m.u.'s, day after day. He told me if I wanted to see diesels, I ought to go across the Hudson River and check out the trains over there. (CSX's ex-NYC West Shore Line). Then he said his shift was over and walked away.

At that point, the other officer handed me back my permit. I could tell he didn't want to talk to me anymore. I don't know why, but I felt sort of embarassed. He looked hot, tired, sad, and bored. I took back my permit, said thanks, and walked away.

My train arrived a few minutes later. I checked out the photos I took of #106 on my way to NYC. I think they came out pretty good. I guess I'll find out what the screeners think tomorrow!


PS - I did some more creative writing recently. Check out the thread about Digital SLR's if you're curious.
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