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Your comment on FREE security is so true.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but when I was at Perryville, I was doing just that. I could see the whole Amtrak bridge, and 3+ miles in the other direction with a 300mm lens and 10x binoculars. Talk about coverage. I have an opened Icom ham radio (callsign KG3X, only used on ham bands), but if I had to I had a cell phone and access to Amtrak channels, (ONLY emergencies, please no flaming).

???? As I said before, the cop who asked me to move on seemed sheepish as she said it. Now Dave may be asking for it just a bit trying to railfan NYC, but he loves that area just like I love the areas I do. He is not a threat, and the cops up there should know it by now.

Oh well, let's press on folks. I hope to contribute my slides soon as I get my slide scanner for Christmas. Yes, I shoot slides on a MANUAL camera, and proud of it. I can do very artistic shots.

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Nate Murry, KG3X

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