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Hi Dave,
The problem is only going to get worse! Just the other day Peter Jennings on World News done a sigment on how easy it is for a terrorist to board a commuter train plant a bomb and get off without being suspected.
I believe this may have upset these commuter lines in a way that they will prove to the public and to the world that any would be terrorist trying there luck will be cought. They my think in there mind a person could be taking pictures for the terrorist so that they can use the pictures to plan an attack. It is a shame that we live in a country that has stripped our rights as Americans to be unable to continue our way of living. If you or any other member or other people cannot take a picture of a train then the terrorist have won.
As a railroader myself I have never turned in a railfan for taking pictures as I do not see them as a threat, one has to use good judgement. Even though the policeman is doing his job he could also be harassing you as well. You my wont to find a better spot for taking pictures somewhere out of the city. Thats what I do to avoid any run in with the police or a person turning you in for looking like your blow up the railroad or something to that nature. All though I can take pictures on railroad property being an employee, I do not go out hardly at all to railfan because of what has happened to you and others.

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