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Default It's only going to get worse, I fear...

Hi folks,

Just wanted to pop in and share some info I became aware of not too long ago that certainly seems to suggest things are going to get worse instead of better... I read through your forums and didn't see this discussed, so forgive me if it has:

Basicly, the laundy list at the end of this memo, combined with the specific mention of photography at least twice, makes one wonder if you are going to be reported to the feds for taking a picture in your own kitchen, since it's connected to the "critical infrastructure/key resource facilities", ie the water system of your local community.

Pretty chilling, if you take this seriously. I don't do rail pictures at this time, but am into another form of heavy transport, that being ships and other vessels. I've spent days waiting to get the right light and right shot of a vessel, and dang it, seems many times ships seem to hang out near bridges, ports and waterways, so I guess my photos are a double threat.

I honestly don't know what the answer is here. Common sense says that most of this info is alreasy out in public view, so my shot of a vessel passing under a local landmark bridge in just the right light isn't going to pose a threat to anyone, except perhaps my competitors in the photo biz.

Having spent 10 years in Law Enforcement, I am aware of both the mindset of that field and my own individual rights, so it can be interesting.

One tip though: for those of us shooting digital, remember that "erasing" a memory card is meaningless. I can format an entire day's shooting, pop the card in my laptop, and be looking at the pictures in seconds, all in perfect condition Not exactly the way I want to live, but it's a thought.

BTW, very nice site you all have here... you should be proud to have contributed to it!
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