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Default The world is a safer place...

I have been kicked off of "railroad property" simply for being there. I was not told that photo's are prohibited, but that I was too close to the railroad and it was private property. I was parked about 20 feet from the tracks, and did not see any signs stating 'private property" or otherwise, and mentioned to the security officer that I was railfanning. He said, "that's fine, but you need to be at least 50 feet from the tracks". He also said, "I understand you aren't a transient, and aren't making graphitti here, but you are not supposed to be here... try not to come here too often". The next time I went down to that area, I parked 100 feet from the tracks and was standing around 10 feet away with my camera on it's tripod, and he was not as nice this time about me being there. I first asked him if he was hired by the railroad, and he replied "yes", and then I stated that I have been given waves, and toots from the engineer's, and the railroad's (what'you call it, the trucks that drive on the rails, marked with the railroad's insignia) person's that have aknowledged me near the tracks taking photos and never stopped to tell me I shouldn't be there. I guess it makes me confused. I try to get photo's from as public property as possible, but as a photographer, what is the harm? In regard's to the Police, they are completely fine with it, and even suggested to flip the finger to the security officer(s)! How nice it would be, but not knowing if the security officer is directly, or indirectly employed by the railroad, keeps my finger down, considering he has my licsense plate number. I have seen the security vehicles near refinery's and other such active rail exchange areas, but not anywhere else, so railroad photo shooting doesn't seem like a problem in my area (Billings, MT). Though the particular area I was in was relatively public, it was about a mile from a refinery.
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