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CSX Police officers have full police powers. It would not be a good idea to shoot them or any police officer the bird. We as railfans really don't want any more animosity than there already is. If you were detained while shooting that far (90 feet) from the track, I would suggest respectfully asking where the property line is. While I agree the police's time would be better spent catching vandals and grafitti "artists", they have a job to do. Part of that job is keeping trespassers off the property. And if you are not an employee or contractor, you are trespassing. (I know, many of us do it.) The railroad has liability concerns as well as security concerns, and because of this, they have chosen to kick everybody off. As far as Dave's latest case goes, I really don't understand why the police are trying to make him feel bad about them leaving a station unprotected; after all they chose to make the contact longer by challenging his permit. Some cops, like everybody else, can be real jerks. Seems like Dave has met all of them in the NY Metro area!
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