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Hmmm. I like MLW/Alco locomotives with a preference for MLW RS18's, RS10's, C424, C630M/M630, M636. ALCO C420, C430. And any Alco/MLW 4-alxe cabunit.


CN Zebra stripes.

CN Gray/Maroon with the script lettering.

CP Action Red, small multimark with nose stripes only.

CP Action Red without the multimark.

Erie-Lackawanna Gray/Maronn (so I guess DL&W as well)

D&H Bule/Gray lightnig stripes.

B&O/C&O blue/yellow.

ATSF Warbonnet and Blue Bonnet.

MILW Black/Orange.

SOU Black/Aluminum/Gold.

NYS&W yellow/Black.

Guilford Charcoal/Orange.

BCR - Either version of green.

Northern Alberta Railways.

GN Big Sky Blue.



Soo Line White/Red.

Probably more, just can't think of anymore.
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