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Sadly, this happens quite often. An author or publisher will contact a photographer asking for a high-res image to be used in an upcoming book, generally promising only a copy of the book vs. any monetary compensation. And then, silence...... The book gets published and no copy ever materializes. Some will correct the error immediately when contacted. Some simply don't respond to the contacts. Magazines and calendar publishers are usually pretty good. That's probably because they have near-term deadlines and dealing with license feeds is what they do. Books seem to have less aggressive schedules and I think most of them just simply forget over time. Once the book is published, most of them have a ton of extra copies and it's no skin off their back to send one to a photographer.

Honestly, I approach e-mails with a lot of caution. Most of them are asking to use a photo for one purpose or another, but offer nothing to the photographer. They want the photo, but by not offering even a token compensation, they're essentially telling the photographer it is worthless. Many don't even provide a name or contact info. Generally speaking, if the party does not identify themselves and provide me with a way to contact them (other than replying to the e-mail), I don't answer them.

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