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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
I've been wanting to go to Pittsburg for years ow. Seeing Bens shot of the NS OCS really makes me wish I had been there by now.
First of all, if you ever do go to PittsburgH, they will kick you out if you drop the H. Pittsburg is in Kansas, no one has ever heard of it, precisely because they unwisely choose to omit the proper H. Fools!

None of the vantage points are quite the same. John's 357 shot, the one with the white convention center on the left, shows a street below. That street is the street going straight back from the camera in my shot. Thus, I am guessing that the structure he is in, a parking deck I think, occupies the space of the Greyhound station in my shot. So, from his shot, to get to mine one needs to go down to street level and then back to the left. My shot is facing roughly north and his roughly NNW or something like that.

Brad's shot is taken from about the same vantage point, as is John's other shot, but there he is facing east, toward the other end of the same curve. Ben's shot, in the vicinity but no idea. I haven't been in that area since the construction and I don't recognize anything in his shot.

Pittsburghers, correct any and all of the above, it certainly isn't my territory.
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