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Default Lucky at Lewistown

Yesterday, I had to make a trip to our State College, Pennsylvania, office. For the three years that this office has been open, and I have travelled to it, I have stopped by in Lewistown to see if I can catch one of the North Shore (Juniata Valley) shortline locomotives out of the engine house. Until yesterday, I was unsuccessful . . . .


Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 318389
Photograph © Rob Kitchen

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 318408
Photograph © Rob Kitchen


On my way home, I again stopped by, but the enginehouse was buttoned up tight. However, I did get to watch two NS eastbounds go by (20A and 10G), and NS westbound 501 was lit up just right for a photo . . . .

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 318390
Photograph © Rob Kitchen
Rob Kitchen
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