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Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman View Post
BTW, maybe you should mind your own business?!
Says the guy who chimed in first and said "Nice JVRR trespassing shots.....". I see you went back and edited that post, but you can see it quoted in my first reply. And last time I checked, this is a public forum...where was I wrong or forbidden to chime in?

Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman View Post
Didn't the armed forces teach you discipline?!
You know, come to think of it, I don't recall receiving any training about posting on a public internet forum during my off-duty time that deals with my hobby. But if you're concerned about what "discipline" the military is instilling, feel free to write you congressman or senators to see that appropriate funding gets allocated for times when members of the armed forces should or should not post in a railroad-related internet forum.

But all seriousness, the fact that you actually wrote this is beyond weak and in no way plays a part in the discussion at hand.

What my military training tells me is to gather the facts and analyze before I react and publically make an ass out of myself (or in my line of work, die or make a bad situation worse). I realize you have a job to do, but I'll submit you went about it in the wrong way. From my vantage point, your comment about "nice trespassing shots" puts the blame on the photographer, as if he willy-nilly walked in there and took photos on railroad property. My stance was, "Hey, maybe he asked someone there if he could take some shots" and whoever he asked said yes. Regardless, maybe if you had some discipline, you would have talked to your employees first about the issue and then contacted the photographer off list before publically posting "nice JVRR trespassing shots" for all to see and open yourself up to comments/criticism.

Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman View Post
Now, how about I bring a truck and do donuts in your backyard, will you consider that trespassing and question the situation or, just look the other way?!
Your example above is weak as well and it goes back to my above point. I'd do it off list. If you want to investigate it, it's your perogative as boss. But it looks like you publically blamed the photog here in the forums first for something he probably thought he had received permission to do.
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